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Services Provided

  • Electrical
Entrance of the Parkview Randallia Hospital in Indiana

Value Delivered

Shambaugh provided both interior and exterior electrical construction services for the 20-month renovation of Parkview Health System’s Hospital Randallia. The project included the complete transformation of the facility’s outdoor lighting and security systems, as well as a major renovation of the interior electrical system.

The extensive renovation project was completed while Parkview Hospital Randallia remained operational, which required a multiphase construction approach and intricate coordination between contractors and the hospital.

Shambaugh’s highly experienced, highly professional project managers helped develop a strategy that isolated the construction site, traffic, and personnel from Randallia’s patients, visitors, and staff – allowing the hospital to continue to offer exceptional healthcare and critical life-saving services to the Fort Wayne community.

Client Objectives

Demand for care and services at Parkview Hospital Randallia began to exceed the hospital’s capacity, and Parkview determined it needed to invest in a wide-scale upgrade to the campus, in order to continue delivering the exceptional care that their community had come to expect.

For the project to succeed, Parkview required a team of electrical technicians with expertise in the healthcare sector and the capabilities to handle the broad scope of the campus’s electrical systems.


Shambaugh provided electrical engineering and design for the hospitals complex, highly technical systems. During the exterior renovation, Shambaugh performed a total overhaul which modernized the hospital’s building lighting, parking lot lighting, and security systems.

The project’s comprehensive internal renovations involved the relocation of the facility’s Family Birthing Center and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as well as the addition of 22 new private inpatient rooms. Shambaugh delivered advanced, cutting-edge electrical systems for the renovated areas, installing wiring for power, lighting, fire alarm, and systems controls.

Additionally, Parkview also independently contracted Shambaugh for an upgrade to the campus’s emergency power paralleling gear.

During the project, Shambaugh delivered an array of electrical construction solutions, including:

  • Uninterrupted facility operations during construction
  • Complete upgrades to building lighting, parking lot lighting, and security systems
  • Installation of power, lighting, fire alarm, and system controls
  • Electrical renovations for relocated Family Birthing Center and ICU
  • Electrical systems for 22 new inpatient rooms
  • Additional contract for emergency power paralleling gear upgrade

Client Background

The Parkview Health System is a network of over 80 community hospitals, clinics, and health facilities serving northern Indiana and northwest Ohio. For over 50 years, Parkview and Shambaugh have worked together on a variety of new construction, retrofit, and renovation projects.