Freetown , MA

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company


Shambaugh & Son. L.P.


Stop & Shop Supermarket Company

Services Provided

  • New Construction
  • Fire Protection
Aerial view of the Stop and Shop Distribution Center in Freetown, MA

Value Delivered

For this distribution center, we installed fire protection solutions to protect assets throughout 650,000 square feet of dry goods storage, 550,000 square feet of refrigerated storage, and 100,000 square feet of office space.

Clients Objectives

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company has grown to become the largest food retailer in New England. As that growth continued, Stop & Shop found themselves needing more distribution space when they outgrew their existing distribution facility.


Shambaugh designed, fabricated, and installed the following:

  • 28 double-interlock pre-action systems
  • 18 early suppression fast response systems
  • Six dry pipe systems
  • One 2,500 gallons-per-minute electric fire pump

Client Background

Stop & Shop operates a chain of more than 415 supermarkets in the northeastern U.S.