Indiantown, FL

Florida Power & Light Company


Shambaugh & Son. L.P.


Florida Power & Light Company

Services Provided

  • Fire Protection
New Valve house installed at the Florida Power and Light Company showcasing eight electrically-actuated deluge systems

Value Delivered

We provided fire protection for Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) boiler, pumps, tanks, pipes, and more at their Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center, spanning more than 500 acres on an 11,300-acre site.

Clients Objectives

FPL’s new greenfield solar project converts fluid into energy by use of a boiler structure, which required the latest alarm and suppression systems to help protect it from fire hazards.


Shambaugh provided a valve house, and eight electrically-actuated deluge systems to protect pumps, tanks, pre-heaters, super-heaters, stacks, pipe racks, and diked areas at the Energy Center. We also provided and installed fire alarm and releasing systems equipment.

Client Background

Florida Power & Light Company supports more than 11 million residents. At this solar center, they generate zero-emission electricity, helping reduce Florida’s carbon footprint.