Infrared Thermography

What would happen to you and your business if an unanticipated power failure shut down your facility and equipment? It can happen. When mechanical connections within electrical equipment and panels loosen, dirt can accumulate, resulting in heat buildup that can lead to electrical failures, power outages, even fires.

thermal.jpgThe result?

  • Reduced productivity
  • Lost sales
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Equipment damage and repair costs
  • Harm to your reputation for reliability
  • Lower profits.

Even if your equipment operation has been flawless until now, this negative potential always exists.

Shambaugh & Son can perform detailed infrared scans of your equipment and provide sophisticated analyses of “hot spots”—sites of impending failures. You can then address serious issues before they lead to disaster. And, by storing and periodically comparing these images, we can detect developing problems in time for you to address them and avoid safety hazards, costly business interruptions and expensive repairs.

Our infrared thermography services include:

  • FREE initial consultation and cost estimates
  • Annual infrared scans of the circuitry inside virtually any type of equipment, conducted by trained technicians using appropriate protective safety equipment
  • Inspection of equipment located in the open or behind walls, ceilings or other normally inaccessible areas— even underground
  • Professional scan analyses with written reports identifying danger areas and recommending remedial action
  • Written preventive maintenance reports with suggested fixes for remaining problems
  • 24/7 emergency response

Benefits that help make your business better:

  • Minimal impact from unanticipated equipment failures and power disruptions
  • Fast, accurate, comprehensive checks of all your equipment
  • Closure of gaps in your existing maintenance program
  • Minimal disruption of ongoing operations, since scans are best conducted while equipment is running
  • Preventive maintenance performed on weekends, virtually eliminating downtime
  • Rapid emergency response to ensure consistent, reliable power
  • Potential property insurance savings
  • Improved safety, reliability and efficiency

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