Bunkerhill, IN

Miami Correctional Facility Phase I & II


Shambaugh & Son, L.P.


The Indiana Department of Correction

Services Provided

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
View inside of a prison cell

Value Delivered

Shambaugh & Son completed the commercial mechanical and electrical construction service work for both phases of this project. The initial phase called for housing for 1,200 medium security offenders, 200 minimum security offenders and allowance for 400 future additional beds. Phase II included additional buildings on the remaining 70 acres of the 200-acre site.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to build a new 3,400 bed correctional facility in Bunkerhill, IN.


For Phase I of the project Shambaugh & Son performed all mechanical and electrical work on:

  • Administration building
  • Offender services
  • Recreation building
  • Dormitories
  • Segregation building
  • Warehouse and maintenance building

Shambaugh & Son also constructed an elaborate security infrastructure that included dual fencing with 12 rows of razor ribbon, a microwave detection system between fences, a “shaker” fence and a chase road that reinforced security at the perimeter of the facility, consequently reducing the number of guard towers. Extensive use of technology will enhance security, environmental and noise controls and the quality.

Phase II of the Miami Correctional Facility included additional buildings on the remaining 70 acres of the 200-acre site. The building designs from Phase I were replicated and modified, to include:

  • 1,632 additional beds
  • Eight medium housing buildings
  • Offender services building
  • Emergency operations center
  • Industries building
  • Recreation building
  • Expansion of existing warehouse
  • New guard tower
  • Secure, central courtyard

Client Background

The Indiana Department of Correction advances public safety and successful re-entry through dynamic supervision, programming, and partnerships. The facility is located on 200 acres of the former Grissom Air Force Base. The Indiana Department of Correction broke ground on the Miami Correctional Facility Aug. 27, 1997. The facility is classified as a Level 2/3 or medium/high medium security correctional facility.