Plymouth, In

Zentis Food Solutions


Shambaugh & Son, L.P.


Zentis Food Solutions, North America

Services Provided

  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Fire Protection
  • Mechanical
  • Process Controls
  • Refrigeration
Piping installed at the Zentis Food Solutions fruit preparation facilty

Value Delivered

Shambaugh's industry leading fabrication facilities and extensive field resources were key in delivering this project; with crews that peaked at over 100 people. In the short window of time for this project, nearly 30,000 linear feet of piping was installed in and on the roof of the building and approximately 200,000 linear feet of wire was pulled.

The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. A key factor in the selection of Shambaugh was Zentis’ desire to have process systems ready for wet tests and product trials less than four months from completion of conceptual design.

Scope of Services

The existing, newly acquired 150,000-square-foot building was renovated from a fruit and vegetable packaging plant into a fruit preparations facility and included:

  • liquid flavor rooms
  • 4,000-square-feet of 49°F ingredient cooler
  • 7,000-square-feet of –10°F ingredient freezer
  • 10,000-square-feet of pre-processing space
  • 20,000-sqaure-feet of processing space
  • 24,000-square-feet of 35°F finished goods cooler
  • 4,000-square-feet of new lab space and
  • 5,000-square-feet of new utility rooms to support processing

Scope details include:

  • Renovation of 150,000-square-foot food processing facility
  • Approximately 35,000-square-feet of cooler/freezer space
  • Nearly 30,000-linear-feet of utility piping installed
  • Approximately 200,000 -linear-feet of wire pulled
  • Use of 3D model to integrate owner and Shambaugh supplied equipment/ platforms/prefabrication
  • Over 1,200-square-feet of stainless steel process platforms comprising almost 60,000 lbs. of stainless steel
  • Expansion of existing ammonia refrigeration system to support new cooler/freezer spaces and process utilities


Shambaugh self-performed on a Design-Build basis, the mechanical, electrical, ammonia refrigeration, fire protection, controls and information technology scopes of work. 3D modeling was used to integrate Zentis’ process equipment with Shambaugh designed and installed platforms (over 1,200-square-feet of stainless steel platform designed to 300-pounds-per-square-foot) and prefabricated utilities.