Meet The Executive Team

Paul R. Meyers, JR bio picture

Paul R. Meyers, Jr., P.E.
Chief Executive Officer/

Mark A. Veerkamp bio picture

Mark A. Veerkamp, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Thomas L. Scare bio picture

Thomas L. Scare, CPA
Senior Vice President Finance

William J. Meyer bio picture

William J. Meyer
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Robert B. Vincent bio picture

Robert B. Vincent
Chief Operating Officer
 Fire Protection

Thomas O'CONNOR Jr. bio picture

Thomas O'Connor, Jr. (Tom), CSP
Vice President Safety

Jeffrey L. JOHNS bio picture

Jeffrey L. Johns
Senior Vice President

Charlie PAVELEC bio picture

Charlie Pavelec, P.E., DBIA
Senior Vice President
National Purchasing

Daniel J. RITZERT bio picture

Daniel J. Ritzert, DBIA
Senior Vice President
 Division Manager
Mechanical Process Group

Gary A. PERKEY bio picture

Gary A. Perkey
Senior Vice President
Division Manager
Regional Mechanical Group

Cale CAMPBELL bio picture

Cale Campbell, P.E., DBIA
Senior Vice President
Division Manager for Havel, EMCOR Construction Services, and Precision Controls of Indianapolis

Doug HEARLD bio picture

Doug Hearld
Senior Vice President
 Division Manager
 Electrical Group