Fire Protection Fabrication

SS_350pxwide_1.jpgShambaugh’s in-house fabrication team of over 100 fabricators offers custom fabrication services for nearly all sprinkler systems types, and includes the fabrication of pipefittings, valves, sprinkler heads, and sprinkler components.

Shambaugh’s fire fabrication welders all weld to the AWS B2.1 standard for shielded metal arc welding and utilize automatic production welders.

Customized fire fabrication services include:

  • Cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Welding
  • Re-grooving
  • Threading
  • Hanger assembly
  • Outlet welding

From inside Shambaugh’s 100,000-square-foot state-of-the-art fabrication facility, trained and certified fabricators perform up to 5,000 welds per day—on both carbon steel and galvanized pipe—and ship approximately 1,000,000 pounds of fabricated material per week.

This amounts to roughly 40 semi-truck flatbed loads headed to various parts of the U.S. To deal with such high volume, the Fort Wayne fire fabrication facility has the capacity to load six semis at one time.

Shambaugh’s unique facility has the capacity and space required to deliver sprinkler systems comprised of 40,000+ individual sprinklers per week.

These unique benefits alone can often result in a significant reduction in cost and schedule, and they help to provide an even higher level of quality assurance due to the controlled environment in which Shambaugh fabricates.

Additionally, Shambaugh’s design resources consist of 180 NICET-certified project designers who utilize AutoCAD, HydraCALC, and BIM software.

Fabrication capabilities include:

  • Threading - ½” - 8” carbon steel and galvanized
  • Uni-strut /angle iron cut to length and slotted
  • Headers / weld flanges / adjustable pipe stands
  • Roll grooving up to 36” and cut grooving 2 ½” - 12”
  • Galvanized pipe / welding, grooving and threading
  • Hanger fabrication
  • Painting and powder coating finishes

California Fabrication Facility

For clients in California, Nevada, and Arizona, Shambaugh offers a conveniently located fabrication shop that utilizes a North Alabama Pipe Universal welder, a Cypress Whirley Bird welding station, and a thread line.

The fab shop’s interior measures approximately 22,000-square-feet, and with its current equipment setup and employee count, is able to fabricate and deliver between 12,000 and 17,000 sprinkler heads per month.

Shambaugh provides clients the missing links between design, procurement, and scheduling—to the tune of 1,000 fire-protection projects completed on an annual basis across all 50 states.

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Fire Protection Fabrication