Electrical Fabrication

Custom fabricated electrical systemLed by a team of expert technicians and featuring a wide array of prefabrication and planning capabilities, Shambaugh's electrical fabrication shop allows us to meet the continuously growing demand for fast-paced, high quality electrical component assembly and construction. 

Time Savings

  • Key components are assembled at our in-house prefab shop, reducing the amount of time spent on the project from weeks to days.
  • The project manager and prefabrication manager can review the drawings together, make changes, and plan ahead.
  • Weather negatively affecting your schedule is considerably lower with assembly taking place in a controlled environment.
  • With custom metal fabrication, the product can be built and stored ahead of schedule.

Labor Savings

Shambaugh team member working on custom fabricated electrical materials

  • Special manufacturing methods, tooling, and production controls are utilized to achieve labor savings.
  • Field personnel are able to complete their work with more efficiency since a portion of their work is being done beforehand in our prefab shop.

Ensure Safety

  • Preventing exposure to hazardous situations.
  • Less time spent on elevated platforms or working around dangerous equipment.

Enhanced Quality

  • Products are built in a well-controlled environment using consistent methods.
  • Components can be pretested before they are installed.

Establish Control

  • Project supervisors can focus more attention on the workers on site.
  • Prefabrication in controlled conditions/work area increases safe practices and takes a significant portion of hazards from the construction process.

Our electrical fabrication services include:

  • Food Processing Skids
  • Modular Headwall prefabrication for Healthcare Facilities
  • Conduit bending including specialized bending
  • Custom prefabricated underground duct banks
  • Prefabricated custom conduit racks labeled and packaged for quick installation
  • Automatic saw-cutting
  • Custom cut MC | AC cables made-to-order
  • Wire cut to length and tagged
  • Prefabrication of wall rough-ins
  • Design and planning services
  • Ability to integrate with mechanical and other trades to complete complex projects
  • Electrical panels
  • Control and lighting panels
  • Custom projects
  • Made-to-order self-adhesive tags in multiple colors and sizes for labeling
  • Specialty tags for push buttons, indicator lights
  • Custom brackets and hangers
  • Traffic light assembly
  • Ability to build mock-up rooms for demonstration | inspection by customers
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom temporary power solutions established quality control protocols