Bakery | Snacks

Shambaugh has worked with multiple leading companies in the bakery and snack goods industry, providing them with cutting-edge food processing facilities.

Specialized Expertise for Specialized Facilities

Assembly line of a bakery food processing plantBaked goods production facilities demand an array of specialized engineering expertise and construction capabilities to meet their unique needs.

Armed with years of industry experience, we offer a suite of services designed specifically for baked goods processing, including custom component fabrication for greater quality control, 3D modeling to reduce change orders, and advanced process automation systems with high-tech operator interfaces.

Additionally, we can provide innovative material-handling design services, such as state-of-the-art pneumatic transport systems that help optimize manufacturing efficiency.

Expert Service Offerings:

  • Material handling design
  • Dough-making, proofing, flour-handling, and baking
  • Sequential cooking and soaking systems
  • High-speed packaging and advanced conveyor system installation
  • Fast-track delivery for early return on investment
  • Process and automation systems
  • Complete plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and utility system design
  • Receiving, storage, and distribution
  • Specialty prefabrication services featuring 3D computer modeling software