System Design, Programming, Start Up

Shambaugh_Automation_ SystemDesign.jpgNeeds Assessment

Each automation engineering project begins with a comprehensive needs assessment, during which Shambaugh experts rigorously evaluate the most appropriate steps to take to move forward.

Our automation engineering experts visit client facilities to analyze existing processes and identify their current level of plant automation. During these visits, we perform engineering surveys and use the data to prepare cost-effective automation strategies.

As a single-source design-build engineering and construction company, Shambaugh can take total system responsibility for clients and implement each of the automation strategies identified in the needs assessment.

Automation Strategies

  • Control system design—programmable logic controls (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Software development
  • Custom control panel design and assembly
  • Electrical and pneumatic system installation
  • System validation, calibration, start up, and commissioning
  • Operator and maintenance personnel training

System Design

  • Process definition
  • Instrumentation selection and specification
  • PLC and SCADA platform definition
  • I/O spreadsheet creation
  • Process network and control panel designing
  • Functional descriptions developed with food process and mechanical groups


  • Definition of hardware
  • Server and thin client setup
  • Code development and synchronization with functional descriptions
  • Simulation logic creation and testing before implementation

Start Up

  • Power and PLC/HMI communications check
  • Air pressure adjustment and modulation
  • Instrumentation optimization to match process values
  • I/O dry functionality point checks
  • Process simulation with water prior to commissioning on product
  • Flawless deliverables across the board, from control panels to HMIs
  • Equipment checks against area ratings and regulator requirements

During the Start Up phase, Shambaugh works directly with clients and their operational staff on commissioning to help ensure a smooth transition to production. Shambaugh always works directly with the client and doesn’t subcontract out any element of execution.