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Mike Parsey

Vice President, Automation Engineering and Design

Value Delivered

Mike is responsible for helping to ensure every food process design reflects the vision of our clients and delivers functionality, reliability, and value. 

To help Shambaugh meet the highest standards of quality, Mike brings his expertise to the engineering design development stage, offering oversight and input on everything from process mass balance and block flow creation to facility layout and equipment positioning to budget development and estimate review, and much more.


Mike has over 25 years of experience in the food processing industry, 19 of which have been spent working at Shambaugh. Throughout his career, he has developed extensive hands-on expertise in a variety of engineering positions, including applications engineer, project engineer, site installation engineer, and start-up engineer, among others.

Mike has served as Engineering Manager and Lead Process Engineer on several major plants—both for new construction and renovations—for large U.S. dairy cooperatives. He has process experience in a variety of applications, including: pasteurization, separation, evaporation, membrane processing, product batching, and CIP cleaning. 

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Michigan State University. He participates in three separate 3A Sanitary Standards working groups and is also on the professional advisory board at Trine University in the Chemical Engineering Department.

The Personal Side

Mike and his wife have one daughter and two grandsons. In his free time, Mike is an avid rock concertgoer, enjoys spending summers swimming in his pool, and spending Winters wishing it was summer planning pool improvements.